Monday, June 15, 2009

foto penganiayaan&penyiksaan SITI HAJAR

foto penganiayaan&penyiksaan SITI HAJARSiti Hajar, domestic workers home (TKI) Garut, West Java, tortured and her salary not paid for 34 months by employers in Malaysia.'Foto Gambar Penganiayaan Siti Hajar' was outspread in internet forum.

"According to Siti Hajar, he is always tormented, spray hot water, beaten with hard objects, to experience severe injuries," said Dubes RI to Malaysia Da `i Bachtiar in a press meet in Kuala Lumpur, Monday afternoon, while showing pictures of victims body and his head still full of blood.

In fact, according to Amirudin, head Satgas Protection and Services WNI KBRI Kuala Lumpur, Siti Hajar also tortured body, with torn use scissors.

Da `i explain it to the torture of the press after the employer or Hau Yuang Tyng familiar called" Michelle "to be handed to Malaysian police checked and processed according to law.

After the torture suffered by Siti Hajar to the police station, the victim and then taken to the hospital for the University of Malaya made vise.

Siti Hajar, Limbangan West village, Garut, West Java began working as an adjuvant since 2 July 2006.In the first employer he worked only five days. With the employer to-2nd, Michelle, he has been working for 34 months.

During 34 months, he did not receive a salary of 500 Ringgit per month so that in total 17,000 Ringgit, said former Kapolri it.

"Since from the beginning, Siti Hajar often tortured, but the longer the torment increasingly unreasonable, to the victims of severe injuries.

Sunday night, he finally succeeded vague employer's house and then take a taxi to the embassy fled. By taxi driver, the victims were even given the money 10 Ringgit.

"We want to thank the taxi driver because it does not already receive money from the passengers, passengers are given the money," said Da `i.

Indonesian embassy and to advocate to Siti Hajar 08.30 hours since Monday.After listening to a description of the victim, then call the employers KBRI and Michelle came to the Indonesian embassy at 11 local time.

"On the Indonesian embassy, Michelle acknowledge all actions such as torture that told Siti Hajar. Employers also weeping wail-wail while sorry to ask Siti Hajar," said Da `i.

Employers Siti Hajar himself also admitted that the temperamental or quick-tempered.Michelle admitted to become a single parent with two children. He is also willing to pay the salaries Siti Hajar during 34 months.
"We demand that employers pay gajinya of 17,000 Ringgit and also demanded that the case was brought to this court," said Da `i.
"Siti Hajar divisum still in the hospital. Depending on the decision whether doctors should be treated or can return to the Indonesian embassy and stayed at the reception. We will immediately contact the victim's family in Garut," said Da `i.

Dubes also to thank the Malaysian police, who have helped and cooperated with both.